Thursday, February 10, 2011

There's been a murder in Tacoma!

For this week's family dinner Adam and I hosted a murder mystery dinner. It was fabulous. Everyone had a character and everyone did an amazing job playing the part. It was so much fun. We had brushetta and meatballs as appetizers. For the main Caesar salad, green beans, rolls, loaded mashed potatoes and Paula Deen pot roast. Dessert was grandma's recipe for bread pudding. Our living room on a normal day: Which we transformed for the night into this:
The hosts for the night. Sherlock Holmes and J. Neil Gibson (husband of the murdered) Jenny trying to look tough. Jack E. Jackson a South African cole miner, not very PC, but LOVE that he got into character!
Katy even brought the murder weapon!

It was as good night had by all!

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