Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last family dinner of 2010...

We have a close group of friends (many of which work with Adam) that we bounce from eachother's homes each week. We call it family dinner. The last family dinner of 2010 was our responsibility and we hosted an ugly sweater party to celebrate the season. We feasted on tapenade (chopped up olive spread), caesar salad, flank steak, loaded mashed potatoes and the crowd favorite: caramel apple strussel cheesecake bars.

Santa Came!

Santa Came! Santa Came! Look what pretty new skis Santa brought Jenny!

Adam's advent calendar

This year Adam got an advent calendar! Aren't they cute. Jenny made one for every day of the month. Sometimes he got candy, sometimes he got fishing gear, but my favorite item has to be the awesome Rhodesian Ridgeback socks I found at a craft fair! Don't they look just like Bubba?!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jen's in the local paper too!

Adam's not the only famous one in the family. Jennifer was hired as the marketing director for Builders of America, a local private builder. Check out her smiling face in the Tacoma News Tribune AND the Business Examiner! haha. Beat that Adam!