Sunday, February 19, 2012

6th Annual Billy Nic Fishing Derby

Adam and I (along with three other boats of friends) joined the 2012 Billy Nic Fishing Derby. It was a crappy day on the water (gale force winds, white caps and 3-4 ft swells), alot like last year, and only 12 fish were caught for the derby. We caught two but they weren't legal to keep. Even though we didn't place it was a great adventure and we're excited for fishing season! Here are some photos from the water.

Pleasant Harbor Marina

The Pleasant Harbor Marina was fantastic. The staff were incredably accomodating and helpful. The morage was only $30 a night, but I would have paid more for the hospitality. The docks were maintained beautifully and the docs themselves were really nice. No worry of slipping there! Steps away from the docks was a cute little deli. Samantha served a mean pizza and you couldn't beat the happy hour prices, $3 for an IPA. awesome!

Pleasant Harbor Bed & Breakfast

This last weekend Adam and I with some friends entered a fishing derby this weekend. We had considered boat camping while there, but when the winds picked up, we got a hotel. The Pleasant Harbor Bed & Breakfast was THE best find. It was steps away from the dock, had a pool and hot tub as well as a store/deli that was open until 9 pm. The hospitality of the staff at Pleasant Harbor was like stepping into the Pleasantville movie set. I have never met anyone more friendly and accomodating. They opened the deli 2 hours early (at 6 am) to ensure we had breakfast and coffee before the derby. Who does that?! Below are photos of the Bed & Breakfast. It was a huge 2  story home, with a loft, they converted. Basically, they took a gorgeous existing home and added locking doors to the rooms and bathrooms with a shower. It was a great find. Even better, the rooms were only $100 a night!
The kitchen was fully stocked and in the morning the manager had a breakfast spread waiting, should we want waffles, cereal, juice, coffee, oatmeal, or muffins. They have a huge deck with a gas bbq. The home sleeps 10 people comfortably, but there are many couches to crash on as well. This was a great find and I can't wait to go back with some friends.

We Got a Wood Stove

Hands down this has been the single best project Adam has done to the house. It has been fantastic to come home to 70 degrees or higher. Our baseboards would maybe reach 62 degrees on a warm day. Adam loves chopping the wood and I love to hear the crackle of the fire at night. It's like being at the cabin but the convenience of home. The only problem came during the big storm and I almost chopped my finger off. Oops!


Adam's been working the big storm so I've had some time on my hands, which typically equals crafting and projects. I needed something to write my to-do lists on and didn't want to pay $50 for a chalkboard. So I re-designed some around the home items with a little chalkboard paint. -Thanks Dana for the paint!
This was Dana's (Adam's mom for those who don't know) old letter box with a mirror. I took the mirror out (which is up in the attic) and had a friend rip down a piece of mdf for me to the right size. I have this hanging in the kitchen with the menu for the week.

This was an old picture frame I had in the attic. I "antique" finished it with white paint. This is hanging in the other room for my to-do list. As you can see the first thing on the to-do list is get my boat liscense.

The Last of the Vanilla

It's been three years and I'm finally to the end of my homemade vanilla. I gave this as presents to family and Coworkers for Christmas and it was a huge hit! The idea came from Twig & Thistle.

The First Wreath of 2012!

It was supposed to be Jenny's Christmas wreath, but it didn't happen. So now, it's the first wreath of 2012!

Can you believe the view?

The sky was absolutely beautiful the day after the new year. Adam caught this sunrise in our backyard and I had to share it with everyone.