Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mayfield Lake Dam

Adam is finally home from the damn Dam. It was a great experience and he enjoyed his time on the project, but he's ready to be done working 6/10s and commutting an hour and a half one way. Here is one project he worked on while I was visting. (it's weird how I see powerlines in a whole new way). Adam set these poles and in the far distance you can see a large tower (please excuse the blurry photos, Jenny is still working on her photography skills). The lines to this tower were so low you could easily touch them with a tall ladder... not good, so the poles brought the line up.

Mossyrock Tuplip Farm

Adam has been working in Lewis County for the month of May. While out exploring with friends Kasey and Ivan we came accross the tuplip farm. It wasn't until Mother's Day weekend that I stopped to "tiptoe through the tuplips" with Adam's Mom, Dana, and grandmother, Mary. It was a lot of fun. Thank you Dana and Mary for indulging me.

We think Adam has a problem

Do you think we have enough wood? Well, we're ready for the apocalypse... I guess. We're ready for next winter anyway.

Getting Ready For Spring

The grass is perking up and cut, the wood is stacked and the flowers are planted. We are ready to enjoy spring. We've enjoyed sitting outside for dinner. What a fantastic date night!