Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Dinner with the Mitchells

This Christmas Big Wal decided to venture out of the norm. He cooked up a huge Turducken (Tur - Duck - en). Yes that's right. It's a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck then stuffed into a debone turkey. Our stuffing was a creole jambalaya with craw fish and sausage. It was delicious! I forgot our camera, so these aren't our photos, but you get the point. (p.s. he ordered it)

Wikipedia says there are claims that Cajun-creole fusion chef Paul Prudhomme created this dish as part of the festival Duvall Days in Duvall, Wa in 1983, but this is unverified. A November 2005 National Geographic article by Calvin Trillin traced the American origins of the dish to "Hebert's Specialty Meats" in Maurice, Louisiana. They have been commercially producing turduckens since 1985, when an unknown local farmer brought in his own birds and asked Hebert's to prepare them in the now-familiar style. The company prepares around 5,000 turduckens per week around Thanksgiving time.

As the turducken's popularity has spread from Louisiana to the rest of the Deep South and beyond, they have become available through specialty stores in urban areas or by mail order.

The popularity of turducken is mostly limited to the United States.

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mlmitchell30 said...

Well blame it on a Mitchell to go outside of the box. I wish I was around. I've always wanted to do a Turducken. Mandi did a stuffed ham 2 years ago. That was pretty good. I want to buy a chineese box (Cuban grill pit) to smoke a pig. What can I say about Mitchell's. We like to experiment. That can be good too ;-) (wink wink)